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This is a personal blog and website that is run by Dr. Robert Stravinsky, who is a physical therapist and animal welfare activist. Here, you will be able to obtain information and advice regarding non-profit animal welfare projects as well as any up and coming trends in the movement and a full bio for Dr. Stravinsky.

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Dr. Robert Stravinsky created this website to provide information about non-profit animal welfare organizations, one of Dr. Stravinsky’s passions. Robert has always had a love for animals of all kinds, and he has used that drive to work toward creating a better world for the all creatures we share this planet with. This blog will share information aimed at those with all different levels of familiarity, from those who have only heard of animal welfare to those who are already directly involved in these non-profits themselves. Just head over to our Blog Page for educational articles, or click the About tab to view bio information and a history on Dr. Stravinsky.


Robert Stravinsky

robert stravinsky

Waltham, Massachusetts Physical Therapist

Dr. Robert Stravinsky is a physical therapist currently working at Professional Physical Therapy in Massachusetts. He graduated with his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Boston University with a specialty in outpatient orthopedics in 2019. He also completed his one year fellowship at the Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy over his time living around Boston.


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We guarantee that you can find an invaluable resource in our blog which holds trends, tips, and up to date information about non-profit animal welfare organizations, whether you are simply curious or a well-versed member of these organizations. In addition, you will also be able to view advice that comes from Dr. Robert Stravinsky’s years of experience as an animal welfare activist. To learn more about Dr. Stravinsky, just head over to the About Page for his full bio.

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Non-profit organizations that are geared toward animal welfare range from local adoption agencies and rescues anywhere to large organizations that span nationwide. At any level, there are numerous ways for you to get involved in whatever ways work best for you. You can do your own research or use the information provided in our blog to learn more about your options for joining in the fight for animal welfare. Over Dr. Stravinsky’s years of involvement in non-profits, he has accumulated great advice that can help you on your journey to getting involved as well.


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If you have any interest in networking with Dr. Robert Stravinsky or learning more about non-profit animal welfare organizations, then feel free to reach out by clicking on the Contact tab and filling in the form located there. Dr. Stravinsky is always looking to discuss new organizations and opportunities, and he will be in touch with you shortly.  You are welcome to follow Robert on his social media or check out the Blog for articles about non-profit animal welfare organizations.


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